The men…and friends, we choose…

So I was thinking back today on past relationships. I think it is nearly impossible for your man to like ALL of your girlfriends. But I was thinking about the reasons they choose to dislike them.

I realized that in my most unhealthy relationships, my man hated my closest friends because they were “bad influences” on me. At the time I thought nothing of it. Some people just don’t get along. But now looking back I realize that the issue was not the friend, but the man and his insecurities.

If your man (or woman) truly trusts you, they know in their heart that you cannot be “influenced” to do anything you know to be wrong. Most of the time the influence excuse is just a cover for a man being intimidated by strong and intelligent friends. Odds are they see through his bullshit (even if you don’t) and he knows it. Through the years the men have come and gone. And the friends that most of the bad ones hated are the ones that are still holding strong.

I now have a man that dislikes certain people I associate with based off of them as humans. He doesn’t like how they treat other people, or how they treat me. He knows that none of my friends can sway my heart from loving him– even if I was dumb enough to pick any that wanted to. And he loves my closest friends as much as I do because I love them.

So take a look at your friendships and your relationships and figure out what the real issue is. Sometimes the truth is surprising!

One thought on “The men…and friends, we choose…

  1. Nadine

    Cherry, you are SO right! In my life, it is a bit different, but … well. Most of the men my best girlfriend Jacky chose were absolutely hating me. But the reason was this: I saw they were bad influence for her and treated her not the way she should have been treated. And I was the one who could tell her about her “bad decisions” and I was also the one she believed. And so the men saw me as a sort danger and hated me because of that. Same thing, just a little bit different, you see. And the boys that really loved her, also liked me. ;)
    Btw: Nice pic! :D
    Love from Germany ♥

    June 9, 2013 at 12:32 pm

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