Wedding planning: music playlist…

So I know a lot of people do the cheezy wedding DJ or a band, but Trev and I decided that we want to have complete control over the music that is playing from start to finish at our wedding. Music has always been a central part of our relationships with all of the tours that we have done so this is something that is really important to us.

Today I started making our playlists. I didn’t realize how many parts of the wedding you need music for! When people arrive, when you walk down the aisle, when you walk back down the aisle with your new husband, during the reception, first dance… The list goes on!

But I have to say I am having a blast doing this. I can’t wait to torture my friends and family with all of the bad/amazing music that Trev and I love. Haha. But seriously, it has been like walking down memory lane picking songs that are not only parts of my relationship with Trev, but also pieces of growing up. You better believe there are songs from both Grease AND Dirty Dancing in that sucker…

Our general reception playlist…

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