Cabin Fever

As most of you know, I work from home. While it definitely has it’s advantages (wearing pj’s all day, not having to deal with people, making my own hours, watching Melrose Place while I work, etc.)– it also has drawbacks.

Wearing pi’s all day sounds great in theory. But after about a week of doing so, you start to feel like a box car hobo. I always feel like it is a waste of perfectly good clothes to wear them when I don’t step foot out of my house. But there is also something demoralizing about wearing sleep wear all the live long day. I think my resolution is just being naked all day. Hope the neighbors are ready for my show.

Not having to deal with people is a double edged sword. While I don’t have to deal with irate and annoying people, I also rarely get human interaction when I am in “the zone.” Luckily I have a husband that comes home each day so I do get to speak at some point. But when he is on tour I swear if I open my mouth to speak at the end of a few days, dust will come out. Sometimes I just take trips to the post office so I can say hello to someone. And sometimes I even lust over the stories I see on Facebook of my friends dealing with shitty people at work (you got to talk to someone today?!?).

Making your own hours sounds good in theory as well. Until you realize that all hours are work hours. There are days that I work from the second my eye balls open to the second my head hits the pillow (and I have even been guilty of working in bed). I always feel there there is something to DO! And it has to be done NOW! I was raised to work hard and to follow through so I always feel guilty letting anything wait. I used to complain about working 12 hour days… how lucky I was not to work 24 hour days!

I have to be honest here, watching Melrose Place while I work is pretty awesome and has little to no drawbacks besides the fact that if I stop paying attention for a second, there will be a coma, a personality disorder, a fire, and a death that I miss.

All in all I love my job and I love the control I have over what I do. But sometimes I do get a little lonely. Perhaps I should get a dog.

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One thought on “Cabin Fever

  1. Edwige

    Hello Cherry!

    I understand what you can feel, sometimes we long to be quiet at home, then we have fast the feeling to be alone especially when we are used to moving all the time!

    I think a dog is a great idea, small strolls cannot be made in pyjamas, but not naked either ;-) , fact of getting a breath of fresh air it feels good and I speak never so much to somebody in my cat!!

    And if not, why not to impose an exit a day, a jogging, a trip …sometimes a small stroll can inspire you to make us your great videos! But also to impose you hours !! to work at home don’t mean that you have to work all day long! You are going to break a lead if you make that all the time!

    And then you are not alone….You have manyyyyyyyyy people who wait for you every day! Like me!



    January 14, 2014 at 4:44 am

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