My Birthday and Ink N Iron!

Wow! This year has gone by insanely fast.

Hard to believe that it is birthday time again. For the last few years I have dreaded my birthday. That feeling of getting older or feeling like I am passing my prime just wouldn’t let up. But this year has been one of the best of my life and I feel like it is only getting better… Sure, there are parts of my body I wish were still 18 years old. But I wouldn’t take my insecure 18 year old brain and soul back for anything. I am happy with the woman that I have become. I am secure with my self, my life, my relationships, my body, and my career. Life is good. Maybe that will help some of you gals going through that same quarter life crisis knowing that I finally made it out on the other side…

In other news…

I will be at Ink N Iron at the Queen Mary in Long Beach on Saturday, June 8th. I will be at the Steady Clothing booth from 2-4pm taking pictures and saying hello to anyone that is interested. If you see me walking around please stop me and say hi!

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