Starting fresh in 2014

So here I am back blogging on my site. I am going to make a conscious effort to blog and share more this year. Anything specific you guys want to hear about?

And while we are on the topic of “resolutions”– I have decided to make this year my most positive and productive yet. I am letting go of negative feelings and toxic relationships. I am forgiving the people that have hurt me and drug me down. I am focusing my time and energy on positive endeavors and focusing on showing love and appreciation for those around me that do the same.

I am far from perfect and I know I have/will make mistakes along the way… but I will keep my chin up and admit my faults and help those around me to do the same. I will be honest and compassionate. I will keep working to educate myself and to fight ignorance. I will share my struggles and glories in the hopes that it will inspire other people going through the same trials.

I am really excited for this new year. Bring it on 2014!!

3 thoughts on “Starting fresh in 2014

  1. Arantxa

    I love this! Normally, I think New Year’s Resolutions are a bunch of malarky, but this, this I can get behind. Good luck with all of your endeavors. I think 2014 will be a great year for all of us!

    December 28, 2013 at 2:47 pm
  2. Sabrina

    Happy New Year Cherry ! Hope you’ll have the greatest year !
    I’m really glad that you come back to your blog. I think it’s a great way to complete your channel. It’s adding something maybe more personnal.
    Again, thanks for the inspiration !! You push us to be ourself so much ! I think you’ve been for the past three years one of the most influencing people in my life. So thanks again !

    January 8, 2014 at 2:29 am
  3. I really like your post! It’s amazing how dwelling on past slights and hurts can affect our lives everyday. I am going to take a lead from you and focus on the positive things and on becoming a better and more positive friend. Thank you :)

    January 20, 2014 at 6:10 am

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